Giro-style elevation graphs for Strava

Update May 2014: As Strava’s ride pages have changed format significantly, Giro-Your-Strava no longer works. The good news is that Mesmeride does the same and more!
Update 13 July 2013: An updated version of Giro-Your-Strava is now available here.

Just in time for the last few days of the Giro, I’ve finished a little after-hours Strava mashup project that builds on the segment graphs that I originally created for the Hobart 10,000.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the Giro elevation graphs. Here’s one, from Stage 11:

Now, here’s a bookmarklet.  Drag it to your bookmarks toolbar, load up a favourite hilly ride on Strava, and click the bookmarklet.


A mysterious new button will appear in the graph menu.  Go, on click it!

And up pops an elevation graph that makes it look like you’ve been riding the Giro!

The algorithm picks the categorised climbs from your ride (and tries to figure out the most appropriate segment where multiple segments finish at the top of a hill). Non-categorised segments are currently ignored.  The whole project is published on GitHub, so you can tweak it and improve it to your heart’s content.  Your first step should be to tidy up the mess I’ve left you 🙂

16 thoughts on “Giro-style elevation graphs for Strava

  1. Marc,

    Thanks very much for this. I’ve been meaning to hit you up for some advice on a strava project I’ve got in the mix but this may help very nicely.



  2. this is pretty cool, thanks. It did not identify most climb segments though. Am i missing something?

    1. If the segments finish close together, it will only show the one that finishes last. It also only shows categorised climbs. A bit of a crude algorithm that could certainly be improved!

  3. With IE10, this won’t work due to the script being hosted on This returns a Content-Type of text/plain, instead of a Javascript Content-Type, which IE thinks is a security hole and so it blocks the script from loading.

    So use a less secure browser, such as Chrome or Firefox 😉

    1. Thanks Hugh 🙂 Easiest way at present may be to take a screen capture (e.g. Snipping Tool on Win7) or use a screen capture addin for Firefox or Chrome.

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