Why on earth do Network Solutions use so many domains?

I receive (too) many emails from Network Solutions about the various domains I own. Now, before you ask, these are not phishing emails — I have received those too — and I have checked out each message carefully.

In each message from Network Solutions they seem to have created yet another new domain name. It seems that they just can’t help themselves: “hey we’re a registrar, let’s go register another random domain name and tell our customers to use it!”

Here’s a list of a few of the domains just from their recent messages:

  1. www.networksolutions.com (of course) – and various subdomains, ok, I can cope with that!
  2. www.networksolutionspassword.info (how dodgy does that sound to you?)
  3. www.mysolutionspot.com (some marketing guff I guess)
  4. www.domainnamedate.com (why is this domain needed?)
  5. www.networksolutionsretail.com (why not retail.networksolutions.com?)

Now I recently received a message from them warning me about phishing messages. The basic test for a phishing message is to ask whether the domain names referenced in the message are legitimate — and how can we tell? Network Solutions use so many names that it’s just not possible to tell without a lot of work and even some danger.

So what’s the answer? Ignore all their silly domain names and just visit www.networksolutions.com…. or transfer to another registrar.

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