Bike for Bibles Ride – Penguin to Cradle Mountain Loop (250km)

Will you sponsor me to join in the Tasmanian Bike for Bibles Cradle Mountain ride?

On November 20 and 21, I will be participating in my first Bike for Bibles ride here in Tasmania, Australia. We will be riding a total of about 250km from Penguin to Cradle Mountain return, with an overnight stay at Cradle Mountain.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain

Hellyer Gorge, Tasmania

Hellyer Gorge – I don’t think we’ll be riding down this track 🙂

This is the approximate route we’ll be taking.

And for you cyclists out there this is the elevation profile for the ride (via Bikely).

So why are we doing this ride?

Bike for Bibles rides are run all over the world; in Australia they are a vehicle for raising funding for literacy projects by the Bible Society. This particular project is raising funding for literacy projects in Mozambique and Kenya.

Island of Mozambique - Makuti Town

Makuti Town in Mozambique (from Wikimedia)

So will you sponsor my ride?

You can donate any amount: it is not linked to the distance travelled. How can you sponsor me? PayPal is the easiest method, with a handy payment button below.

If you don’t know me, do feel free to trust this plea as far as you can throw it 🙂 If you do know me, I hope that you can trust me to pass all the collected donations to the Bible Society!

Other alternatives of donating include contacting the Bible Society directly and sending a donation that way (just let them know what it’s for), or you can contact me directly at [email protected].

Finally, we are keen for more riders for this trip so if you are interested, please get in touch!

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