Adding overlay notification icons to Google+’s taskbar icon in IE9

In the same way as I did for Twitter in an earlier post, I have now created a bookmarklet that adds notification overlay icons to Google+’s Taskbar icon, when pinned in IE9.  Currently Google+ only has a small favicon, and I have not found a way to tweak this once the page has loaded, so it’s not quite as pretty as Twitter’s icon, but it’s better than nothing!


Right click Google+ Overlay Icon (IE9 only!) and click Add to Favorites to create the bookmarklet.

Formatted code for the bookmarklet:

(function() {
    var fLastCount = -1;

       var res = document.getElementById('gbi1');
       if(res) {
          var nNewCount = parseInt(res.innerHTML,10);
          if(nNewCount == NaN) nNewCount = 0;
          if(nNewCount != fLastCount) {
            var ico = nNewCount > 5 ? 'error' : 'num_'+nNewCount;
              nNewCount+' notifications');
            fLastCount = nNewCount;
        else if(fLastCount != 0) {
          fLastCount = 0;
      } catch(e) { }
    }, 1000);


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