Strava segment statistics site updates

I made some small tweaks to my Strava segment stats website recently. This includes:

  • Fixes for rendering issues in the lists
  • Ability to hide bogus segments, similar to the Strava flagging function
  • Dynamically sortable tables
  • Underpinnings for anyone to be able to have their stats updated automatically (but UI for this not yet complete)

Currently I also have an issue with the Strava API, where segments with more than 50 efforts cannot have all efforts populated. Once I have a resolution for this, I’ll publish another update with the ability for anyone to view their stats.

2 thoughts on “Strava segment statistics site updates

  1. The codebase is still a mess (and probably always will be because I play with the Strava API for half hour at a time). It’s a bit of a mess — T-SQL, PHP and Javascript in a big pile as it’s all experimentation. Still if you want to wade through some spaghetti perhaps I could release something.

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