Phone Slamming Again

I wrote a couple of months ago about a phone slamming attempt.  I contacted Telstra via Twitter and they responded that they’d follow it up.  Unfortunately, Twitter’s history is a little poor so I cannot find the full conversation now… (Updated: found it in my RSS archives)

Today we got another phone slamming attempt, and I was a bit better prepared.  Again this conversation is not verbatim, but the gist is as follows:

Caller: Natasha from SimplyTel

Natasha: “I’m calling about your Telstra business line.  Can I speak with the account holder please.”
Me: “Are you calling from Telstra?”
Natasha: “I’m calling from Telstra wholesale division.”

I then asked some more questions to collect some more details, including website, and got the actual company name and contact details, before letting her know that I’d be reporting the call because she identified herself as operating on behalf of Telstra.

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