Exploring Ridgeway Dam – a story by Bethany, Hannah and Marc

It was a beautiful sunny summer morning as we started off walking down the road and then onto a fire trail.  Bethany and Hannah were rather worried about snakes!  There were quite a few intersections on the bush walk, and at one intersection we took a trail that led us down a really steep hill.  Hannah was very tired.  But then we saw the dam wall looming over us and so we walked closer.

Bethany felt very scared, like the dam was going to fall on top of her at any moment!  

Bethany washed her hands in a trickle running down the dam wall, a trickle coming from a leak from high up on the wall. 

Hannah thought that it was very hot, but we had lots of water with us.

Daddy just took photos.  He didn’t seem scared.  (But was he?)

After spending some time looking at the dam wall, we climbed up a very steep and slippery path beside the dam wall, all the way to the top! 

All of a sudden, we could see the water in the dam and Bethany longed to dive in.

Unfortunately, a big tall fence stopped us, so we walked right around the dam, back up the hill and stopped at Ridgeway Corner for a picnic lunch.  Bethany was very hungry, so she ate her lunch in a matter of seconds.  Hannah had an olive, salami and cucumber roll.  Yum!

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