Rainforest Walk

Once upon a time, there lived a child and a daddy. The child’s name was Hannah.

Daddy said to her, “let’s go to Myrtle Forest”.

“Yes,” said Hannah.  Hannah’s sister Bethany came too.

Daddy saw a ruin.  Hannah wanted to go in the trail to the ruin, but it had a gate in front of it, which meant that you couldn’t go in it.

They saw heaps of ferns and waterfalls.

 They started exploring the waterfalls and ferns.

They saw an old fern stump, and it had little green things growing on top of it, and it was mossy all over!

There was a pretty waterfall on one side of a bridge, and on the other side there was a creek which went under the bridge.

They saw some snow trees, which are trees that are kind of aqua, and if you are far away, they look like they are covered with snow.  Hannah had a small sprig off a snow tree.  She made a wish.  She wished that she could fly.  The wish hasn’t come true yet.

Hannah and Bethany hid in some hiding places.

There were beautiful views and lots of trees and creeks.

Here is a photo of the creek hidden behind the fronds of the ferns.

— The End —

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