Why does switching languages hang my app?

This is a very short follow-up to yesterday’s blog about WM_INPUTLANGCHANGEREQUEST, WaitForSingleObject and applications hanging.

While I thought, yesterday, that this bug was no longer such a problem on Windows Vista and Windows 7, it turns out that if you assign a hotkey to a language (e.g. Alt+Shift+2), the KLF_SETFORPROCESS flag will be set when that hotkey is pressed.  This means that this issue is still a problem today.

This is not just a problem for Delphi.  I’ve found references to Outlook hanging, .NET 4.5 WPF applications hanging, and VC++ applications hanging.

Moral of the story (again): thread-safe code is hard.  Don’t believe that your code suddenly becomes thread-safe because you synchronize it to the main thread (no matter what the Delphi documentation tells you!)

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