The Digger — by Hannah

Once upon a time, the Durdin family were going for a little walk. Everything was lovely. The weather was beautiful and everyone was happy. It was a great time to go for a walk.

Richmond Bridge

We saw a digger and went to investigate.

The Digger

As we got close, all of a sudden, the sky went dark and the digger woke up!

The sky went dark

It started to chase us! Peter and I ran away from the digger.


But the digger started chasing us all over town. We ran through a tunnel. Half way through, Peter discovered a puddle. This was a problem.




Peter and the Puddle

He could not resist splashing in the puddle with his Bright Red Boots!

The digger was gaining on us. Quickly we grabbed Peter and rushed out of the tunnel.

Hiding in the Willow IMG_9832

We hid in a big willow tree and hoped the digger would not spot us.

But the digger did. So we ran. We soon reached another tunnel.

The Tunnel


This one was a little smaller and we hoped the digger would get stuck. But it didn’t. So Peter scrambled for his life up the steps to join his sister.


I scrambled after him, and Dad followed, the digger snapping at his heels.


The digger forced us to the entrance to a maze. Perhaps we’d lose the digger here! Peter went first.

In the maze

Even though we were in trouble, I still laughed at his cuteness as we raced through the maze.



Eventually we got through the maze, with Peter’s amazing sense of direction helping us. But unfortunately I think Peter had passed his sense of direction onto the digger, because it was still just behind us.

I told Peter to climb up on a stump. Surely the digger wouldn’t be able to climb up here!


We all climbed up after Peter.


But Peter wanted to get down.


So we all had to hop down after him. We ran and ran, wondering where to go next. My sister and I scrambled up a tree, and dad and Peter went down to the river.


Splitting up was the answer! The digger didn’t know which way to go. So it exploded.


After that, we decided to have a look around. We saw some amazing views.








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  1. Beautiful story! Adorable way of expressing her feelings about nature and family! I see here a talent( grandma’s gene behind?!)

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