Twenty Dismembered Men

Yesterday, I received in the mail twenty dismembered men. This may sound horrific to you, but I was pleased. They’d only cost me $4 on eBay. What a bargain!

I opened the package and here is what I found.

The packageWhat could all these little men be for?

My first mission was clearly to re-member these men.  I mean, to assemble them. After just five minutes, things were starting to come together. Literally.

The men assemble

But then I ran into a problem. The Wizard, Gandalf, had clearly been involved in some seriously wonky magic, because he had two right legs. And Vincent’s hand kept falling off. Vincent was an artist.

Gandalf and Vincent

As I assembled each man, the others, already able-bodied, assisted me.

The men assist in assembly

Sven was very clever, and assembled himself.

The self assembling man

Finally, I had a team. I waited while they talked amongst themselves.

The men gather around

The men are in discussion

Then I asked them to gather. The men had a mission.

The men are ready for their mission

The test lab at my office has many devices. But it also has a mess of cables, held in place with Blu-Tack. That gets a bit yucky and sticky. The mission of these men was to resolve this cable situation.

The mission

This is not an unusual mission for men of this calibre. But the stalwart men readily accepted their mission in all its orthodoxy.

The stalwart men listen

Thus I led them to the situation. They put their heads together and figured out a game plan.

The men examine the situation grimly

Shortly thereafter, the cable tidy was complete. Well done men!

Jake and Albert with cable number 1 Jimmy tells Alphonse how to hold the cable while Cam watches for danger Gandalf and Vincent are just hangers-on, along with Clint and Bob The Nokia cable required both Sven and Michael, but Ivan was able to handle the Samsung cable on his own A fight nearly broke out between Robert and his mate George Tim and Tom worked together well, as Peter leaned on the cable Matt just listened as Dave gave instructions on the right way to hold the cable Fred didn't care. He was happy to have a job at last

Gandalf was pretty unhappy about his leg.

Gandalf is not very happy about his leg situation

The men complete their mission


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