The Top 10 Climbs in Hobart: A Recap

This post is merely a summary of the climbs I have described in my Hobart’s Top Ten Climbs Series for your reference. Enjoy!

11.2km   7.2%   827m   0:25from town
4.4km   7.7%   350m   0:10from town
2.4km   4.2%   100m   0:20from town
3.1km   4.9%   153m   0:35from town
3.5km   8.1%   287m   0:40from town
4.0km   4.9%   197m   0:60from town
5.3km   4.2%   219m   0:40from town
4.6km   5.4%   247m   0:15from town
3.3km   6.9%   226m   0:25from town
5.5km   5.7%   314m   0:45from town
3.9km   6.0%   232m   0:10from town
2.2km   4.6%   102m   0:05from town

So I am sure that my cycling mates won’t agree with this list of climbs, and more importantly, the order of the list. But this is my list — I’d love to see your list. You’ll often find me slogging my way up one or another of these climbs… Now writing about the climbs turned out to be easier than I expected, but getting photos for the climbs has taken a fair amount of work and in more than a few cases, a couple of revisits to the climb for a new set of photos… Nearly all the photos were taken with a phone camera, so quality is pretty variable. I hope this series has inspired you to go out and ride these climbs!

Now that this series is done, I’m taking a break from bike blogging for a while. See you next year!

6 thoughts on “The Top 10 Climbs in Hobart: A Recap

  1. Nice one. I still have a few to try.

    After riding the Clarence Foreshore bike path. Not for a road bike, really.

    Maybe you can do a series on cycleways?

  2. These have been a great read the past few weeks. It will be sad now that they arent going to be any more.

    Thanks again marc 🙂
    Also the list is pretty good 🙂

    There is a climb that isnt on there that is great 😉

    Poatina (or how ever its spelt) and Black Hills Road.


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