It’s a Mud Life

There are multiple routes to the school my children are attending. I travel to and from the school to pickup my kids on a small 100cc motorbike. So, you say? Well, there is one slight problem.


Preferred Route (photo by AW)

Lots of mud!

Preferred Route (photo by AW)

Those two photos (thanks to AW for those), and this one below, are of my Preferred Route. The truck in this next picture is a cement pumper, and it was there to fix one of the bigger holes by pumping concrete in. It didn’t make any appreciable improvement, although the sludge turned grey instead of brown.

Preferred Route

Now I’ll show you my first alternate route. I like this route because of the cows. The calves are pretty cute. But they are kinda in the way.

First Alternate Route

The next few photos show what is probably the best car route. (We don’t currently have a car).

Preferred Car Route

But possibly not the best motorbike route.


Fortunately, there are ways around the Big Puddles for motorbikes.

Second Alternate Motorbike Bypass

Second Alternate Motorbike Bypass

Those Big Puddles are *deep*. I went through one once and got soaked from head to toe, literally. I even have a picture to prove it.


I didn’t say it was a good picture!

To finish with, I’ll show you the truck route. You can see one in the background of this picture. Yes, it is bogged. This photo was taken just a couple of days after this road was all smoothed out. Then it rained again.

The Truck Route

Mud is the parent topic du jour at school pickup time, pretty much every day. And my off-road moto skills have improved dramatically recently 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s a Mud Life

  1. My dad says the cement truck that filled that hole was just dumping some extra cement because they overfilled their truck and needed to cool the motor down. Not so sure.

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